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When I sold my first short story to FAR WEST magazine,
I was so excited I ran down the driveway from the rural mailbox shouting
“I did it! I did it!” My hat flew off and was later found to be considerably
chewed by my dad’s young collie, Girl.

"Tyler"    Note that my name was R.L. Bollinger then.

 Far West cover copyright by Wright Publishing Company

My life's work was to be a 600-page spoof on every Western movie ever made.
I got as far as naming the Table of Contents before abandoning it for a new project—
Tierra del Oro. Writing the Cordero saga has been the most satisfying of all my endeavors.

Other tidbits about me can be found in profile pages, guest blogs, interviews,
and social media pages scattered over the Internet.

Member of the Western Writers of America from 2010 through 2012

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