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When I sold my first short story to FAR WEST magazine, I was so excited I ran down the driveway from the rural mailbox shouting “I did it! I did it!” My hat flew off and was later found to be considerably chewed by my dad’s young collie, Girl.

Small price to pay, and the check was large enough to make me think my career had been launched. That was years ago.
Along the way there have been many disappointments, but enough recognitions to keep me hopeful that one day my work would be enjoyed by readers.

A brief and partial history of credits.

My first poem was printed in the ASU literary magazine, Reflections. A few short stories and essays appeared in such diverse publications as The Blizzard Rambler, The Wayah Review, and The News Herald.

Submissions for peer reviews at the American Zoetrope Virtual Studios, both feature scripts and shorts, frequently ranked in the Monthly Top 3; reviews I gave there resulted in my being one of the All Time Top Reviewers.

In January of 2001 my humorous entry took first place in the OSCAR contest at Also in 2001, a 1-page short story "It Wasn't My Idea" won the e-Shay Corporation first prize, a large Tiger Kite. The short story "Harvest" won the October 2002 contest at

Jack Schaberg of Mindful Entertainment gave me the opportunity to collaborate on his full-length comedy, We Know Care, which began shooting in April 2005 and premiered in Lansing MI in April 2006. His second feature, The End of Art, a feature dramedy, also premiered in Lansing. Most recently, his drama The Key has been well received by all who have seen it. For my contributions, Jack gave me generous screen credits.

My life's work was to be a 600-page spoof on every Western movie ever made. I got as far as naming the Table of Contents before abandoning it for a new project—Tierra del Oro. The writing of this historical family saga has been the most satisfying of all my endeavors.

Other tidbits about me can be found in profile pages, guest blogs, interviews, and social media pages scattered over the Internet.

Member of the  Western Writers of America  from 2010 through 2012

A very long time ago, my first short story "Tyler" was published in Far West magazine.

Note that my name was R.L. Bollinger then.
Far West cover copyright by Wright Publishing Company

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