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Credits below, keyed by symbols beside relevant photos

Forty Grains of Black Powder
"...want a horse, to ride into those hills."

 Casa de Panadero   

Patio at Casa de Panadero  

 Footbridge over the Río Sangría

Trouble escaped with the stallion, El Rey.

La Nariz

Cave at La Nariz

Luis's bed.


Legend of the Sierra Madre

The mustangers rode into the mountains.

Del Oro leaped the ravine.

Apaches left him for dead.


Los Pobres

"I'll be home on Tuesday."
La Puerta del Sol plaza

Francisco's Place, looking north

Francisco and Ramón go into town.

Mio was born on Ramón's birthday.

Francisco's hated wallpaper

Someone was stealing the chickens.


La Puerta del Sol

He began to sweat.

Serafina's cocina

Mio was Ramón's amigo.


A Lion Against the Wind

The lantern clattered on the ground

Fernando exacted his revenge.

María's santita was a poor weapon.

They did not know what to do next.

Too far to walk back

Strawberries were overripe.

At the General's Townhouse


Bitter Victory

"The snake bit Teo!"

Ramón paused to look back.

Sereno fled.

It was a long way down.

Vera Cruz was under bombardment.


Tierra Y Libertad

Shoot first or die.

Federales abandoned the city
Ramón set out to rescue Anita.

Mérida street near the train station

They neared the city.

Domingo hurried to the hotel.


The Horse Tamers

Los Nuestros, side arcade.

Los Nuestros front entrance

Los Nuestros upstairs arches

Martín, horse wrangler

Anita's brocade draperies

Mano had saved one thing from the fire.

Marcelo regretted hitting Domingo.



Las Flores

The alarm bell woke them.

Tokee prepared a meal.


Starred photos courtesy Dawn M. Turner ( Everything In God's Time )
© Mio - Azzy Steiner owner, Lisa Cihlar photographer
Bulleted photos courtesy Clara Natoli
Alvimann (on Morguefile) is Alvaro Daniel González Lamarque
Double bulleted photo by Egidio Bacigalupi in Milano, Italy ( Egidio Bacigalupi )
Federales fleeing, courtesy Dennis Weidner  ( Mexican Revolution )
Rusted bucket - thanks to schick at Morguefile

I have been more than fortunate to have found photos that depict scenes that were
only in my head for many years. Gratitude and blessings to all who have provided their
unique skills for this project.