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When aristocratic Marieta discovers her husband's grim secret,
no one is safe.  Growing up in a household filled with mystery and hate,
young Ramón sets out on a quest for revenge and freedom. Order here

A young man's longing for peace turns into a search for love,
an adventurous mustang hunt turns into a quest for treasure,
and friends are not what they seem. Order here  

Strife with his stepfather reaches the breaking point, Mamá has a new baby.
Young Ramón Cordero decides it's time to discover the legendary treasure
and prove himself worthy of respect.  Order here

Youthful dreams give way to new and dangerous passions.
A sheltered boyhood has not prepared Ramón for a woman
whose obsessions lead her down dark paths.  Order here


Los Pobres is engulfed in the social unrest simmering all across Mexico.  
Pablo's disappearance, and the sudden reappearance of Estrada in Monterrey,
propel Serafina and her boys across the highlands of Mexico
in search of Ramón.  Order here

Journeys of lovers who have parted badly, questions of faith and
decisions of honor. Captive in the Mérida townhouse of El General,
Anita and Serenito wait, while years pass with no hope of rescue.  
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Land and liberty--that`s what the rebels believe they're fighting for.
In the haunting notes of Sereno's cane whistle, Ramón finds his life
coming full circle.  Now he must keep secret the truth about Domingo.
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Ramón sets out to build a safe haven in the wilds of Sinaloa.  
One thing could destroy the plan: his firstborn, Domingo.  
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Don't miss the conclusion of Tierra del Oro   Sinaloa, Mexico, 1917 - 1920.

Ramón and his family feel safe from the revolution in their hideaway
at Los Nuestros.  The arrival of Christine and Daddy from Kentucky
further alienates the brothers.
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I created not only the novels, but their wraparound covers as well.
To all who contributed photos, many thanks.