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I Rode with Cullen Baker            
Set in the East Texas swamps during the Civil War, I Rode With Cullen Baker
 is based on a real-life outlaw and the  (fictional)  girl who loved him.

Fifteen and accustomed to a life of ease, Jessica Linville flees her burning home with an old caretaker.   When his murder lands her in the arms of a notorious outlaw, Jess has nothing to lose  -- except her virtue. And her heart.

$12.95 plus shipping.
The cover photo was taken by Robert T. Russell,
in the Sulphur River Country where the action took place.
In 2001, the script version won the Split-Screenplay $1000 competition.
In 2011, the 2008 paperback was favorably reviewed in Round Up, the official magazine
of the Western Writers of America.
Buy your 2013 edition here and try out Mrs. Loring's recipe for Aunt Annie's East Texas Cornbread.

As for that 2005 First Edition, here's one of my favorite bits of feedback:
After having I Rode With Cullen Baker on my shelf for years, I finally read
it this week. Wow, what a vivid and fascinating read. It's too good to be
self-published! Do you ever regret not letting the producers have it who
wanted to sex it up too much?

Gwen V.    
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 3:09 PM

[Author's note: No, I never regretting anything to do with this book.]

I posted it [ review ] on the other day. I gave it 5 stars.
--- Dan S.


If you have either the 2005 edition, or the 2008 second printing, you now have one of a few unique copies, as these editions are NO LONGER available except on the secondary market.
Don't be fooled by ridiculous prices, no matter where you see them.

Floyd and the Traveling Yard Sale
SECOND EDITION is now available.  Get all 16 original stories PLUS 2 NEW stories
The first edition in 2005 was 90 pages in 8 x 10 format, is no longer available except
on the secondary market. The 2008 edition is 101 pages in 7.5 x 9.75 format, The font is better,
it contains the same 16 stories, has the same cover, and is now ALSO available
only on a secondary market.

What readers have said:

"... a highly enjoyable collection of short stories...filled with gentle humour and Southern charm.
If any of these stories never actually happened, they certainly should have
(except the whistlepig supper!)."

-- Peter Marinacci, The Wombat King.
Creator of  the cartoon world of  Wombania  website


"Floyd and the Traveling Yard Sale is a delightful read, full of wit, charm and rollicking poetry."

 -- Rev. Judy H. Eurey, MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary.
Accomplished poet, essayist, and watercolorist


"...reminds me of a slab of gritted cornbread, a bowl of pintos and a Vidalia onion:
 it is seasoned with the dialect, smells, taste and sounds of the rural South."

-- Gary Carden, storyteller and author of numerous books, plays and videos.
You can find him on Facebook.


The two stories in Floyd and the Traveling Yard Sale, Second Edition, were published in
2007 in the literary magazine The Oxford So & So,  Edited by Thomas Burns


Strong Coffee: a Runaway Road Story is available here
Read how Vinnie got himself into this predicament, and how the story progressed from a single phrase from the blue to become this novel.
Suitable for mature young teens and adults of all ages.

Credit for the underlying graphic on front and back covers
goes to Philip Davetas, who created it as a banner when this novel was an episodic online story
on a site owned by Scott Amundson.
    In the cafe, Vinnie discovers his money is missing.

 Photo in the old wallet.
B & W photos courtesy Donna R. Kilkelly

STRONG COFFEE advanced in the 2009 Textnovel online competition, finishing at
#4 of 10 finalists. The field of course was much larger than that.


Script versions of all novels, including the Cordero saga, are available for option
to serious and well-funded filmakers.

Also available is a script of THE BRACKETTVILLE HORSES, an unpublished novel.
                When Lillian from San Antonio marries widowed Andrew and moves to his farm,
she has no idea of the challenges she will face in dealing with his half-Cherokee children,
their Grandfather Wild Crow, Mexican neighbors, and two-bit horse thieves.

In addition, I currently offer to independent filmmakers various shorts
(drama, suspense, comedy, fantasy, mystery).  Contact me for synopses and terms.

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