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The Characters  

This Character Sheet was created in May of 2011, when a test copy of The Horse Tamers made its first journey through the POD process, and I needed to ground a beta reader in what she would encounter.

  If you refer to it, you will gain a sense of who is related to whom and in what ways, but be aware that characters are NOT introduced here in the order of their appearance in the novels.
Scrolling down to note the headers of each section might be helpful,
as these do not follow the novels in chronological order.

Major characters in most of the saga

Ramón (Jefe) Cordero - former rebel in General Obregónís cavalry

Anita La Barca Sosa de Cordero - Ramónís wife, and mother of their son Sereno

Sereno Cordero - captured by Federales with his mother, he spends 4 years as captive of El General in Mérida

Serafina - child who first sees Trouble in La Puerta del Sol, and falls in love with Ramón 18 years later. (See ....those who went before, below)

Domingo Valente - secret son of Ramón and Serafina

Pablo Valente - married Serafina, father of Teo

Gregorio - Ramónís trusted boyhood friend who joins him in the Revolution

Luis - grows up in Los Pobres with Ramón and Anita, in love with Paz Younger brother to Mano and Fernando

Mariano - son of Diego and Angelita, and cavalry officer with Ramón

Diego del Ortega y León - friend of Ramónís father Trouble, and husband of Angelita

Teo - young son of Serafina and Pablo

Paz - former lover of Joaquín, in love with Ramón

Tereza  - daughter of Diego and Angelita, sister of Mariano

Juanita (Mamá/Jenny) - married to Trouble, mother of their son Ramón

Joaquín - Ramónís guide, friend, in love with Paz, rebel in Obregónís cavalry

Estrada - doctor who delivers Domingo, in love with Serafina; he delivers Anita and Ramónís daughter Violeta

First appearing in the section Vida y Muerte 1916
in The Horse Tamers ( book 8 )

Christine - daughter of Daddy, she falls in love with all of the Corderos and must choose between them and the life she knew in Kentucky

Daddy - Norteamericano whose goal is to claim Los Nuestros and the silver mine he believes to be on the property

Secondary characters scattered throughout

Gloria - American widow helping the rebels, in love with Ramón

María - Anitaís cousin, married to Ramónís boyhood friend Mano

Mano - brother of Luis and Fernando

Fernando - misguided young man who creates strife in his family and havoc for Ramón

Martín - horseman from Los Pobres and loyal friend to Ramón

Lobo - Seri guide attached to the second mustang hunt

Marcelo - Domingoís best friend

Mina -  in love with Domingo, marries Marcelo

Tonio - boyhood friend whose gift of the cane whistle plays a large part in the lives of Ramón and Sereno.

Motifs that appear in the lives of the Corderos

The Mexican Colt - a hand-made silver plated .45 with bone handles, an instrument of death that haunts Trouble and Ramón

The Gold at La Nariz - legendary treasure that weaves its spell over all who hear of it

              Note: These two real life objects were the genesis and inspiration that turned a short story into a 9-book family saga.

The original Horse Tamers

Trouble - Ramón Cordero, son of Luis Panadero, bandit, and Marieta, Spanish aristocrat

Francisco Mendoza - Troubleís friend in Los Pobres, who becomes Ramónís step-father

Diego - wealthy gambler, marries Angelita and establishes Los Dos Corazones near Hermosillo

García - fortune hunter who claims Luis Panaderoís reward for Trouble, and causes Juanita to lose a child before its birth

Tomás - Troubleís friend and worker in Franciscoís lumber mill in Los Pobres

...and those who went before.

Luis Panadero - bandit and murderer whose greed and cruelty are his downfall

Marieta - wife of Luis Panadero, mother of Ramón (Trouble)

ďTroubleĒ - grandfather to Domingo and Sereno

Sofía - in love with Trouble, marries Manuelo, godmother to Trouble and Jenny's son, Ramón

Manuelo - Troubleís friend, Luis Panaderoís segundo at Hacienda de Panadero, and a brujo whose powers are used only for good

Walker - bounty hunter whose curiosity dooms him

Father Navarre (Padre) - priest in Los Pobres whose desire for wealth drives him to treachery and murder

Angelita - high-class courtesan who loves Trouble but marries Diego, mother of Mariano and Tereza

La Bruja de la Sierra Madre - legendary curandera who saves Troubleís life and battles Manuelo for his soul

Serafina - a child present when the padre shot Trouble, she becomes a painter of miracles, lover of Ramón, yet marries Pablo.

The horses and their humans

Del Oro - Troubleís stallion taken from him by Apaches

Mío - Ramónís pet, rescued from Franciscoís pistol

Cimarrón Grande - Ramónís catch on the second horse hunt, left to rule over El Valle de Los Mesteños

Cimarroncito - gift to Ramón from Diego, becomes stud at Los Nuestros

Valiente - Domingoís choice of saddle mount.

Viento - Serenoís choice of saddle mount.

Volador - Teoís saddle mount left in Serenoís care

Bandera - Ramónís semi-wild stallion, named in honor of a horse lost in the revolution

El Diablo - Serenoís capture during a roundup, recaptured and renamed by Domingo.

The haciendas, then and now

Hacienda de Panadero - built with blood money by Luis Panadero for his wife Marieta

Casa Vásquez - Luis Panaderoís estate, rebuilt and renamed by Manuelo, kept for Ramón, and bequeathed to Sereno

Los Dos Corazones - built for Angelita by Diego, it shelters the refugees from the revolution

Los Nuestros - abandoned hacienda claimed and restored by Ramón for his family and friends

Casa Cordero - formerly Casa Vásquez, renamed by Ramón

[ If I have overlooked anyone of importance, don't hesitate to email and tell me! ]

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