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Sep 26, 2013
A great  writer who'll take you out of the real world and take you into another one more real.
----- Rob Williamson


Striking how the writing of Ms. Hartmann, though never seeming cloned or consciously emulated,
is at times so pleasantly redolent of the earthy, frontier affections in the prose so treasured by readers
of [Willa Cather].  Finally got a chance to watch your new trailer [ # 7 ]; has quite an air of rhapsody to it.
----- John McD


Posted on FB Feb 9, 2014

RLB Hartmanís done it again. Book 6 of The Cordero Saga, Bitter Victory, had been waiting for me
to slow down and pick it up. And slow down I did the minute I started reading it.
Like the other books in the saga, Bitter Victory grabs hold and doesnít let go, so I did the only thing
I could do - I ordered the next two books!  [ and she completed the collection ]
-----  Betty M.


I haven't forgotten about you or books. I still want to get the rest of your SAGA.
----- L. A. Reid  [ click on the name to see the result ]

I saw the video , it looks great
Best regards
----- Pablo

Hi Hartmann, arrived in perfect condition!
The book and cover are very well printed. Promise, soon as I read it, I will send comments.
For me it's a new kind of collaboration. I will incorporate in my work portfolio.
I wish you much much success with your novels!
Best wishes,
----- Marcelo

posted on RLB Hartmann's FB timeline

I opened Book 5 and was immediately entranced! have been immersed for the past two days..
should finish it tonight. Once I get into your books, it is so hard to put them down.
Your writing takes the reader on one exciting adventure after another, a real page turner!
Good for me that Book 6 is sitting there waiting its turn!
This saga needs to be a mini-series!
----  Betty M

Here are my very late comments on Strong Coffee.
I really don't have many because I loved the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I'll probably even read it again at some point, and I don't do that or even think about it
unless I really enjoyed a piece.
I thought the characters were all very well drawn. I loved the tone and the present tense.
I loved the ending--very good and very satisfying. You really handled all the characters well
and made them believable. I loved them all, but Ernie was my favorite secondary character.
His character was very convincing.
---- Rick T.

Betty Markham posted on RLB Hartmann's Facebook timeline
"Book 4 La Puerta del Sol is as infectious as its predecessors. I finished it in two evenings (simply because I had to get some sleep). Once again I MUST know what happens I'm off to order Book 5. Boy, would this make a great mini-series!"
----  Betty M

I'm about half-way through your last book. I'm enjoying it a great deal.
I would far rather enjoy the story than rush through it just to finish it.
I guess I'm not really looking forward to finishing it and having no more books to read.

----  Peter

I will get book 8 and book 9 in November. Looking forward to reading both.
----   Jane K

I was closing in on chapter 3 before I got real busy. So far it is good , I just need to find time to finish it.
----  Tommy S.

Yes! I got it delivered at my lab office as planned.  Thank you... it looks great.
Good to hear you finished the saga. I will think of a quote for your website.
----  Stefano R.

I received your book yesterday.  I will show the book to my family proudly.
I am going to look for some time to read your other novel.  
---- Ramon G.

--------------Previous comments--------------

(Here's a favorite about Book 1, Forty Grains of Black Powder):

Hey Lucille,
I like reading in bed before I go to sleep. So I only read a few pages at a time.
But as I was getting more and more into your book, the last night was crazy....
Just couldn't sleep until I finished it. It's really amazing! A riveting story, and the
characters are carved in a beautiful way, one really gets to think that they're people
you know. Really a great job, congratulations!
---- Mario

I'm really enjoying Forty Grains of Black Powder. I'm about half way through it.
I've nearly finished Book 2.  I don't want to put them down once I start.
---- Lynda

Just ordered my copy of your first book! No problems.
I am planning on buying a copy of your next book. I really want an AUTOGRAPHED copy.
---- Margaret L.

Hello Dear Friend,

I have read your book. Really I enjoyed because your book is different with the other books
in the cowboy style. I always read books and saw films about cowboys that these had a repeated story,
but your work is about family disputes which is new to me, while we read your book, we would find:
Oh my God, Cowboys have family disputes, too, like us because they then were human.
---- Ahmad A.

Just got my copy of Forty Grains of Black Powder and it looks great. Be my next read.
How do I get it Ďauthorgraphedí?
Read the book. Great story and you don't want to hear my suggestion but here it is --
you need to add at least another 100 pages because the characters are so good!  
---- James L.

I followed you to FB and your website from CreateSpace. The book is excellent. It is amazing
that all that and more came from that one idea!
---- Betty M.

Last night I came downstairs for some milk when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep
and who is still up? My daughter. I asked her if she was okay and she said, "Oh sure, I'm just
in the middle of Forty Grains of Black Powder and couldn't put it down."
As soon as she's done, I'll take a break from Bonhoeffer and read it.
In the meantime you have another avid fan!
WOW is what I say about this book.
Have finished the book and have passed it on to Mom. Solid writing---interesting descriptions,
the blending of English and Spanish worked well ( and I've never had spanish), a plot that
carried you along and an ending I wasn't expecting. I especially liked your development
of the characters of Ramon and his mean old stepfather Luis. You didn't tell it all at once,
but peeled back the layers....Job well done.
Mom finished your book about an hour ago and she said it was a very, very good story.
She is very impressed and is looking forward to the next installment.
Our household has become a fan club. How about that?!
Am enjoying Bitter Victory. Poor Serafina. I would vacillate between feeling pity for her and
wanting to shake her. Am past the part where Ramon and Domingo have met Don Diego.
You really have played these threads so well---it rings true to life.
Hi Lucille,
I have FiNALLY ordered 6-9 in your series.
Yes, I will shoot pictures of your other books---maybe even try one of all of them.
anyhow, I'll have fun and then send you the results.
---- Eugenie

I'm reading Book 2 and enjoying it very much. So far no typos!
--- Mary T.


Talk about being able to involve you in the scene...  
---- Lynnette P.

Just ordered. It's on its way! Can't wait to get started on it! Dying to find out what happens next!
 ---- Anissa

Yay! I always knew I would be saying, "I knew her when."
I'm really enjoying them; keep them coming! Looking forward to the rest of the saga.
---- Dixie

I want to buy all of your books in the saga . I have books 1-5  
-- Laura Ann R.

I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading some more when I get through with
all these emails! ----- Lynda G

I thought Legend was very good, especially when the priest got wind of the treasure
and started to plot to get it. Those characterizations rang very true.
I ordered # 3 today.
Just posted my review of Book 3.
Only four more books to go! The story starts out strong in book one, and gets better with each book.
This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.
----  Peter

My copy is beautiful... I love the cover design, too. Very impressive and professional looking.
Itís going in my James Lee Burke cabinet when I finish. Thatís the best place to keep dust off books.
----Patsy C., on Tierra y Libertad

Just finished Tierra y Libertad and I cannot wait to get my hands on The Horse Tamers.
No vacation for you. Keep writing and publishing!
 "I'm so excited! Just ordered Book 6 and Book 7. Can't wait to see how the saga unfolds."
---- Jane K.

about Bitter Victory

This one continues the narrative of the Mexican revolution of the early 20th century with the war
as backdrop to the subplots of the relationships of our characters. ("Our characters" because you
will become personally invested in their lives.) ...Long after I put the book down, I'm there still.
---- Eugenie

Just wanted you to know that I ordered the rest of the books, I am really enjoying reading them,
am on number 6 now.
---- Andrea F.

How great to have all those people living in your head, and not need medication!
I've already read Book 2 and Really enjoyed it.
---- Betty M.

John McD, on Forty Grains

Now that my wife has finished it, I am up to page 134. Your descriptive powers are painterly,
like finding a Remington or Russell in words, richly done.

When I pick up the volume, I pick it up for that scent of sage and southwestern dust, for all the rich,
bright color it contains, and for the sound of a dialogue richly toned with the sonority of South of the
Border Spanish cadence....The presence of horse-flesh is almost palpable, the gun-metal and horse-tack,
the detail of the flora, the look of the buildings, the heaving bosom of a sweet senorita, a sense of
the weather, look of the horizon--you DO bring the reader along as a rider on this quest.

I'm off to bed in a few minutes to read some more, so we'll see. I'm up to page 204.

Boy! Talk about ending a novel with a bang!! Whew! Got lots to say about it, beautifully expressed
passages that will always glimmer brightly in memory, those marvelous descriptions of the fiesta----

---  John McD

I just finished reading Book I ...  I read it in one day neglecting other tasks which tells you it was
good enough to hold my interes  ... I thought it was written as if it had been scripted for a movie.
I could visualize how I would begin each scene. Now I understand why.  We don't have a mountain
here called La Nariz, but from my home I see one called El Indio Dormiendo, The Sleeping Indian,
and it could very well be your La Nariz.
Now starting Book Two.
---   Mary B. Thorman

(Mary alsoposted on RLB Hartmann's (FB) timeline: )
"We love your books! Now both my son and I have enjoyed the first two."

I'm loving your saga! ...  I just finished "Los Pobres, Book 3 of Tierra del Oro...
Oh, how my heart aches for Ramon! Is there happiness in his future? ...
Book 4 and Ramonís destiny are in my immediate future!
----   Betty M.

----   Eugenie (again) wrote: "I've got one more to read-----to find out the ending. Saving it to savor later."


Friday, April 19, 2013

Just took a break from the studio and hopped onto FB for a minute to discover that SC was available.
I ordered 3 copies: 1 for myself, and two others for future gifts to family members.
-----    ekt

Last night, (actually in the wee hours of the morning), I finished reading my copy of Strong Coffee.
I know you will disagree, but this story is actually your best EVER!!
When I begged you to write a sequel after I read it online, I remember you refused to consider the idea.
What a SHAME if you never do!
-----    ekt


Book 8 has been my favorite one so far. I have really been enjoying it. Every time I [ resume reading ] it
I get caught up in the story. I have about two more nights worth of reading to finish it. Your books are
the only pleasure reading I've done for the past year or so.
----  Peter

Hi, great news! I received book 9 yesterday midday. It looks great, good job RLB Hartmann.
----  Moi C.

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