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Tierra del Oro
One Story, One Family, One Continuing Adventure !

Forty Grains of Black Powder

When Marieta made her pact with the devil,
she could not have foreseen the consequences for her son.

Legend of the Sierra Madre

Ramón "Trouble" Cordero searches for love  and becomes a legend.

Los Pobres

Finding his grandfather's treasure map gives Ramoncito a dream to follow.
Francisco takes it away.

La Puerta del Sol

A dusty little town, his mother had told him.
The town where your father was murdered,  she said.

A Lion Against the Wind

What makes a man fight? Sometimes the enemy is not who we think he is.

Bitter Victory

Journeys of lovers who have parted badly, questions of faith and decisions of honor.

Tierra y Libertad

A gato viejo, ratón tierno.  For the old tomcat, a tender mouse.

The Horse Tamers

Something huge and black bore down upon him,  submerging the horse and him with it.

Tesoro forgive
and be forgiven


Scripts are available for option or purchase, either as features or episodes in a mega tv series.

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